Clear the Way for Construction

Book our professional excavation services in Ossining, NY

Before you can get started on any construction project, the land has to be prepped. This usually involves excavation or land grading services to ensure a level foundation.

Instead of hiring an outside contractor for site prep, leave it to KRLS Landscaping and Constructions Services. We offer full excavation services in Ossining, NY. You can bring us in to:

  • Clear trees and shrubs
  • Dig up rocks and boulders
  • Haul dirt to level the land

After we're done, we'll be able to start your landscaping or paving project. Call 914-774-1666 today to get started.

Begin the first stages of your project

KRLS Landscaping and Constructions Services is the team to call for excavation and land grading services in the Ossining, NY area. We have the tools needed to clean up and prep any site. When we're finished, we'll get started on construction right away to keep your project on schedule. Turn to us today for full excavation services.